PCR Tubes 0.2 ml, 0.5 ml


PCR Tubes

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Quality PCR Micro Tubes

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Level of Purity:


Cycle time reduction and optimal heat transfer - Guaranteed by extra thin, uniform wall thickness of tube
Tropfen Effortless and secure working - Ergonomic cap design for easy and secure opening and closing of tube with one hand
Tropfen Elimination of risk of sample contamination and loss of sample - High quality raw material meets standards of purity and is highly resistant to extreme mechanical strain and demonstrates excellent chemical resistance

Centrifuge specifications:
up to 25.000 x g - fixed-angle rotor
up to 30.000 x g - swing out rotor

Tropfen Maintain sample integrity - Available as sterilized version (by beta radiation)
Tropfen Optical measurement and control - Highly transparent tube
Tropfen Sterile handling - Fully autoclavable tube
Tropfen Available as 0.2 ml/0.5 ml Tube, with domed/flat cap



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