AHN myTip RB Rack Box system
without Tips


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Quality Rackbox    Rackbox features


Easy opening and closing of rackbox with one hand
Tropfen Strong rackbox closing system
Tropfen Stackability of rackboxes for secure transportation and storage
Tropfen Racks are compatible with single channel and multi channel pipettes (9 mm spacing)
Tropfen Autoclavability of rack and rackboxes
Tropfen Rackboxes available in small and large size, Racks in 8x12 format and 6x10 format


For filling with the following pipette tips/filter tips:

AHN myTip Standard Tips
AHN my Tip LT Low Retention Tips
AHN myTip FT Filter Tips
AHN myTip LFT Low Retention Fiter Tips



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AHN myTip RB_Rack Box System without Tips

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